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The pilot edition of the EthicAI=LABS project gave 18 professionals, coming from artistic, humanitarian and technical background to collaborate and explore the connection between Ethics and Artificial Intelligence from the perspectives of Linguistics, Media, Bias and Creativity. The outcomes of their collaboration are presented in this publication, as each group has a separate chapter to present its research and/or project.

The first chapter of the publication is written by the group “(Un)training bias”, represented by Katerina Gkoutziouli (GR), Stefania Budulan (RO) and Ana-Maria Pleşca (RO).

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© Concept and compiling: Galina Dimitrova-Dimova
© English editing and proofreading: Dessislava Alexieva
© Design: Eva Teneva-Zajkoff
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EthicAI=LABS is a regional project of the Goethe Institutes in Athens, Bucharest, Ankara, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb. Project coordinator: Adriana Rangelova
Project curator: Galina Dimitrova-Dimova

Advisory and supervising team: Marina Ludemann, Bettina Wenzel, Nikoletta Stathopoulou,
Stefka Tsaneva, Samira Zahra
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DA LAB Foundation /Goethe-institut Sofia, Sofia 2022