Katerina Gkoutziouli is a curator and researcher currently based in Athens, Greece. She holds an MA in Visual Culture from the University of Westminster, London (2009) and a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Athens (2007). Her main research focus is on art and digital culture and its impact on public and networked space exploring issues related to immigration, cultural identity, politics, surveillance in and on the Internet, data-mining and big data.

She was the Assistant Project manager and curator for the project ArtUP! Media art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey at the Goethe-Institut in Athens and has curated a variety of exhibitions, workshops and collaborative projects with international artists and curators in Greece and Turkey. She has also been one of the editors of Curating.info and has contributed various essays to art project publications and arts websites. She was the Programme Director of the Athens Digital Arts Festival in Greece for the 11th and 12th edition (Public Space_s, 2015 & Digital Pop, 2016). From June 2016 to June 2018, she held the position of public engagement expert and curator at synAthina, a networking platform for active citizen groups initiated by the City of Athens.

Since January 2018, she is a cultural advisor for the Municipality of Athens for the European funded project ROCK related to the regeneration of urban spaces through culture and cultural heritage. She is also the art curator of the section “Public Building and Digital Art”  for the project This is Athens – Polis, a project initiated by the city of Athens Development and Destination Agency.

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